Building on the success of our 1-Act festival 9

Empowered women, empowering words

welcome to this year's SHIFTLab artist, Yvette dudley-neuman, and her brand new play-in-progress, Titillations.

See Yvette's @VancouverFringe show at Havana on Commercial Drive: The F Word

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SHIFT Workshop Weekend January 13/14 at CBC Studio 700

...where audiences and artists learn together.

Kick the year off by shifting your focus, trying something new. Workshop registration opens Nov. 1st.

Interested in 1-Act Festival 10, @Firehall Arts Centre in June 2017?

The call for short, sharp script submissions will go out in November, due by January 1st; contact us with community partnership ideas and to be a pre or post-show musical guest.